domingo, 10 de octubre de 2010

The Jayhawks - Tribute

Hola amigos hoy os dejo un video tributo con fotos ineditas y una pequeña cronologia de los Jayhawks, gracias a la inestimable ayuda de dos de sus componentes, Benno Blittersdorf y Udo Albretch.

The Jayhawks (the name was taken from the US-civil war) had been formed by former Bremen Punks, who were members of " the Shadocks " (Benno, Mathias) , "the Mimmis" (Monika) and other bands in 1984 to play Gothic Rock. On the 27th of April 1984 they made their first Demo with the 4 songs: "My Mirror", " Happy Weekend", "Sense of Humour" and "Feel the Pain" in the studio Sachsenstrasse in Bremen

10.10.84: frist track "my mirror" for Bremen-Deutschland compilation LP.

30.04.85: first photos in Achim circa Bremen.
18.09.85: first gig in Bremen, Roemer Club.
05.10.85: gig in Cloppenburg.
04.11.85: Recordings in the Studio of Joerg Siemer, Bremen
Spring 1986: Gig with Remain in Silence (Hannover) and Marquee Moon (Berlin) in Bremen, Hochschule für Technik
Summer 1986: Gig in Bruchhausen-Vilsen, a big Open Air (Main Act these days: James Brown , U.S.A.)
XX.XX.86: Gigs at Ear Music Hall, Kuhstedt with Hangmen also die from Duesseldorf, Club Dampfmuehle, Verden, and the Rotation Club , Hannover, 2 times at the Pgo Club, Cloppenburg, with Hangmen also die at Düsseldorf, Zack Club, at the Forum Enger, Bielefeld, Freizeitheim Stade, and in otono at the Kierclub, Hamburg
XX.XX.87:1st Maxi "The Joy Of Love"
June 1987: a little Tour through Germany:
03.06.1987: Gig in Duesseldorf with the Australian Band "The Go Betweens"
12.06.87: Gig in Steyerberg
13.06.87: Gig in Bielefeld, Eastern-train station (Ostbahnhof)
14.06.87: Gig in Kehl, Festival (nearby Strassbourg, but in Germany)
19.06.87: Gig in Hamburgo: Grosse Freiheit, OXMOX-Magazine, Bandcompetition of the best of 8.
06.11.87: Gig in Wilhelmshaven, Kling Klang Club.
03.02.88: Photostudio Holger Blöhte, Bremen
05.02.88: 2nd Maxi, The Truth is out.
30.04.88: Last gig "Circus Musicus", Märschendorf with, Udo Albrecht,Monika, Matthias, Udo Kuhlmann and Benno Blittersdorf.
05.05.88: Last photos in the woods nearby Bremen.
21.07.88: Last meeting.

Podeis completar la información en mi primera entrada sobre esta imprescindible banda aqui.

Gracias de nuevo a Benno y Udo por vuestra musica y colaboración, sois geniales.

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