sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

Remain In Silence - Bootleg (Live Bremen 1986)

Hoy os presento este bootleg exclusivo para la liebre borracha cortesia de Andreas Buchwald guitarrista de los Alemanes , Remain in Silence , una de las bandas más alucinantes del dark wave y que a estas alturas ya todos conocemos, y que afortunadamente siguen en activo y prometen nuevas perlas dentro de poco tiempo, gracias Andreas por vuestra musica y por tus noticias para la liebre borracha:

"To our Spanish fans let me say that , We are very happy with the kind response and support we receive from Spain. Throughout the years Remain in Silence were mainly based upon fans from the South of Europe, specially Spain and Italy, and southern Germany.
We deeply thank for their loyalty and constant support. Let’s add that RIS are still practicing and a possible new album is in pre-production status. The working title is “Bleed” or maybe “Bleeding”. When it will be released is currently written in the stars.
Unfortunately I only know a very few words in Spanish. Mostly I have to improvise.
I remember the last sentence I spoke was ordering “Dos Centos Grammos Langustinos, por favor” in a supermarket in Galicia. It made the fishmonger laughing.
Wasn’t it correctly spoken or was it my german accent? Whatever: I got what I asked for.”

Hasta luego
Andreas Buchwald

Esperamos ansiosos el nuevo álbum , mientras tanto aquí tenéis este tremendo directo.