lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Ultima Emoción - Concierto en Valencia

Concierto indispensable de esta mitica banda de synthpop en Valencia el proximo dia 29 de octubre en la sala Black Note.
Más información en su facebook.

sábado, 23 de octubre de 2010

Western Electrique

Hoy os dejo el segundo 7" de esta genial banda francesa editado en 1988, junto con una pequeña biografia del grupo, todo ello gracias a Philippe componente de los Western Electrique:

Western Electrique formed in Touluse in 1983 by two brothers, in 1985 they release the EP “Hommes De Fer” you can download it here.

In 1986 live on the film “Le Coeur Musicien” by Frederic Rossif , This musical documentary was financed by the French Ministry of Culture. Most of the footage was shot at the 1985 Fete de la Music and represents a wide variety of musical styles.

In 1987 special guest for “The Young Gods” in “Printemps de Bourges” one of the most important musical events in France since 1977.

In 1988 they release another EP “3 titres!” you can download it thanks to Philippe and La Liebre borracha here.

In 1990 they release a 12 songs CD “Eldorado” for the label “new rose” after this the bassist and the singer-guitarist disbanded.

In 1991 special guest for “New Model Army” and “Treponem Pal” in “Printemps de Bourges”

In 1993 the song Fer & Bitume” appears in the compilation Cd “Le cri de la rose 2”

And special guest for “Noir Desir” in “Printemps de Bourges”. The band disbanded after this.

Philippe continues in the music with the band Les Pattos.

Thanks Philippe for your music and your letter for “La Liebre Borracha”.

domingo, 10 de octubre de 2010

The Jayhawks - Tribute

Hola amigos hoy os dejo un video tributo con fotos ineditas y una pequeña cronologia de los Jayhawks, gracias a la inestimable ayuda de dos de sus componentes, Benno Blittersdorf y Udo Albretch.

The Jayhawks (the name was taken from the US-civil war) had been formed by former Bremen Punks, who were members of " the Shadocks " (Benno, Mathias) , "the Mimmis" (Monika) and other bands in 1984 to play Gothic Rock. On the 27th of April 1984 they made their first Demo with the 4 songs: "My Mirror", " Happy Weekend", "Sense of Humour" and "Feel the Pain" in the studio Sachsenstrasse in Bremen

10.10.84: frist track "my mirror" for Bremen-Deutschland compilation LP.

30.04.85: first photos in Achim circa Bremen.
18.09.85: first gig in Bremen, Roemer Club.
05.10.85: gig in Cloppenburg.
04.11.85: Recordings in the Studio of Joerg Siemer, Bremen
Spring 1986: Gig with Remain in Silence (Hannover) and Marquee Moon (Berlin) in Bremen, Hochschule für Technik
Summer 1986: Gig in Bruchhausen-Vilsen, a big Open Air (Main Act these days: James Brown , U.S.A.)
XX.XX.86: Gigs at Ear Music Hall, Kuhstedt with Hangmen also die from Duesseldorf, Club Dampfmuehle, Verden, and the Rotation Club , Hannover, 2 times at the Pgo Club, Cloppenburg, with Hangmen also die at Düsseldorf, Zack Club, at the Forum Enger, Bielefeld, Freizeitheim Stade, and in otono at the Kierclub, Hamburg
XX.XX.87:1st Maxi "The Joy Of Love"
June 1987: a little Tour through Germany:
03.06.1987: Gig in Duesseldorf with the Australian Band "The Go Betweens"
12.06.87: Gig in Steyerberg
13.06.87: Gig in Bielefeld, Eastern-train station (Ostbahnhof)
14.06.87: Gig in Kehl, Festival (nearby Strassbourg, but in Germany)
19.06.87: Gig in Hamburgo: Grosse Freiheit, OXMOX-Magazine, Bandcompetition of the best of 8.
06.11.87: Gig in Wilhelmshaven, Kling Klang Club.
03.02.88: Photostudio Holger Blöhte, Bremen
05.02.88: 2nd Maxi, The Truth is out.
30.04.88: Last gig "Circus Musicus", Märschendorf with, Udo Albrecht,Monika, Matthias, Udo Kuhlmann and Benno Blittersdorf.
05.05.88: Last photos in the woods nearby Bremen.
21.07.88: Last meeting.

Podeis completar la información en mi primera entrada sobre esta imprescindible banda aqui.

Gracias de nuevo a Benno y Udo por vuestra musica y colaboración, sois geniales.